ProSign enables customers and law firms to electronically sign home loan documents, using either a signing pad and/or tablet – an industry first.

The product includes the recording of forensic biometrics (i.e. the weight, timing and touch points of each electronic signature). The use of digital certificates underpins the signing process.

All eSigned documents can be uploaded to Stordoc, removing the need to scan these documents.


  • Time, direct and indirect cost savings as a result of a paperless process.
  • A vastly improved customer experience due to reduced signing time.
  • Improved performance due to reduced document errors minimising processing time and potential future instruction volumes.
  • Documents are guaranteed to be accurately signed reducing rejections and rework.
  • ProSign uses leading encryption and signing technology to complete the process, optimising security and evidence.
  • ProSign acts as an anti-fraud measure offering full biometric forensic evidence per signature/signer for both future analysis or legal proceedings.
  • Environmental benefits are offered by removing the need to print paper.

Target Market

  • Financial institutions
  • Credit providers
  • Regulated professionals (e.g. attorneys)